Yomar Augusto tooya is a creative studio
based in California and Italy

the office of yomar augusto LLC

+1 (917) 975 1090  Resume

tooya, standing for the office of Yomar Augusto, is a progressive design & typographic studio built for the digital age and led by Design Director & Creative Director Yomar Augusto. Established in 2010, Tooya relocated from New York City to California in 2016. Notable collaborations include Google, Nike, Adidas, and Absolut Vodka. Yomar Augusto, the driving force behind Tooya, brings over 15 years of experience spanning typography, photography, web, and print design across Brazil, Europe, and the United States.

A designer by training, he earned a Masters in Type Design from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. Additionally, he has served as an Adjunct and Guest Professor at prestigious institutions such as the Willem de Kooning Academy, the Fashion Institute of Technology, The School of Visual Arts, and the Bauhaus University. Yomar's creative journey has spanned continents, showcasing commercial and conceptual projects through solo exhibitions globally.

  • capabilities:
  • -corporate identity / ID
  • -flexible systems for ID
  • -custom typography
  • -typographer consultant
  • -handwritten typography
  • -logotype design / consultant
  • -progressive lettering
  • -iconography design

  • capabilities for advertising:
  • -freelance day rate
  • -typo/graphic advertising campaigns
  • -experimental brand books
  • -pitch presentations
  • -typography animation direction